About our Company

Timeless Designs. Luxurious Fabrics. Classy Fit.

Introducing our new line of romantic evening, loungewear and sleepwear inspired by the classic designs of the 1930s through 1970s. Our goal was to create something that would be worn every day because it was beautiful, sexy, comfortable, and made a woman feel good, regardless of her size or shape.

Built and designed from the ground up for plus sizes, we soon realized they look stunning on all women. Comfort , fit and quality were our top priorities.
Incorporating fine, custom woven, nylon-spandex, all our products feature a form fitting bodice that accentuates the bust and provides modest support, free hanging hips and large hem sweeps that have incredible stretch in all directions.

You will find the tailoring to be top notch. The laces and other embellishments are of the highest quality and no expense was spared in the design, manufacturing or materials used to create these fine gowns.

At Precious Curves we have started with the finest nylon spandex blend that has been custom manufactured with a super tight weave to acheive the softest, silkiest and stretchiest fabric possible in a comfortable but substaintial weight.

Quality Construction

  • Bias Cut Binding
  • Serged Seams
  • Bodice Layers
  • Bodice Seams