You Are Creative

Do you see yourself as creative? Think of your home; now think of your best friend’s home. Are they the same? No, you each have created your own environment unique to your personality. Now think of the clothes you are wearing; one step further think of the steps you took putting what you are wearing on. What colors did you pick out? Casual with a twist? Jeans and pearls? Hair up or hair down? You created your own style. 

When an artist creates a new work; they put their signature on it for the world to see. Some however choose to be anonymous which adds intrigue and mystery. The act of doing so is claiming the work as their own. Now when you are changing your living room around; adding a touch of color to the atmosphere you are putting your signature on it.  When you are getting yourself together for the day; you are doing the same thing. You are putting your signature on a finished art work.

Remember; we are unique precious creations of something greater beyond us. No one can give what you can, no one can share the way you can. Do not be afraid to wear that yellow scarf with that pink and purple swiss spotted dress; if that is your creation for the day; own it and claim it.

Just don’t be afraid to be beautiful, creative you….