Embracing Beautiful You

Do you think you're beautiful? Can you look in the mirror, really look deep into your own face and say you are beautiful to yourself? It's not as easy as it would seem for most of us.

It is said that beauty is only skin deep. I beg to differ here. Beauty begins on the inside and shines through to the outside. Yes, there are many "beautiful" women around the world, esthetically speaking. Are they all beautiful from the inside out? I can't answer that question but I can say many who are drop dead gorgeous outwards may not be so lovely inside. 

Beauty is mostly subjective. Who defines beauty for you? Does the media? Does your significant other? Do your friends? Does Webster's? Or do you decide for yourself?

I challenge you to decide for yourself what beautiful is in your life. Beauty has many definitions and perspectives. Only you can determine what influences you or sets your standard for beauty. 

All women want to feel beautiful, even if they don't admit it to anyone, even themselves. So many images flash in front of us on television and posters and magazines. Isn't is time to stop comparing ourselves to those images or just to someone you see on the street? Comparison is one of the most dangerous patterns of behavior we can engage in and have in our lives. 

Ask yourself these questions: "I will be beautiful when _____" and "I will like myself when I  ______"

We need to let go of comparison, period. It's destructive if you compare yourself with someone you think is beautiful or someone you think is not so beautiful.  

What do you love about you? Now be honest with yourself, that's all that matters, not someone else's opinion. You are beautiful.  Go to the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are. It may take time to believe it, but you've got to start somewhere and this is the place to start. Many of us avoid mirrors except to put on our makeup and check out what we are wearing. 

Embrace the beautiful you you truly are from the inside out and the outside in! Here's a short questionnaire for you to use to see where you might be on how you perceive beauty. Have fun with it. Get a hand held mirror or stand in front of one when you do this. 

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What are you telling yourself about how you look?

What or who defines beautiful to you?

I will be beautiful when_______

I will like and accept myself when ___________

What do you LOVE about YOU?